Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Distressful Learning French


Well, the class has started for about 2 months and all I master is the very basic of French. You don't even need to be taking French to know what I knew...... word like Bonjour and Merci. Sad isn't it?

Well, I can't really put the blame on my French Teacher. He's a nice chap, to be honest. He's a African from Cote d'Iviore and I can really see that he's a bit loss in how to take us further. I mean, as a teacher, there's only so much you can do. If the students are not helping themselves...... then... there's nothing you can do.

My only grouse against him is that he's a bit too relax for my liking. Well, I guess that's how African works. They're too "tidak-apa" if you know what I mean. I've been to Sudan and from my experience, I can tell you, Koffi is the fastest moving African I've ever knew! Most African I see in Sudan are damn lazy. I'm not stereotyping them but... that's another matter.

So, now, we're having 4~5 classes per week. I think I'm skipping Friday's classes since I heard from my mates that Koffi usually take a long break for his Friday prayers. (He's a Muslim). In that sense, it'll be a not so productive class. Better stay in office and see what can I do.

So, time is near for our exam and yet not one poor soul is ready for it. Koffi teaches French and he's no guide. For that, he doesn't know what examiners want during the coach exam. That's the tough part. I guess, we'll just have to memorize whatever given to us and try to regurgitate on that day itself.

French is tough but to be able to speak and do commentary in just 4~5 months of part-time lesson is 1000000000 times tougher! MoT think that we are god? Maybe we are, after all!

God save us now!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Use of Garbage Enzyme

Reduce the Greenhouse Effect!

Well, for those of you who wanted to know what's the use of garbage enzyme, these are the benefits. Highly recommended if you want to reduce the usage of chemicals in household products from insecticides to shower gel. So, in brief......

Save Money
Turn kitchen waster to DIY natural household cleaners.

Multiple Usage
Natural household cleaner; air purifier, deodoriser, insecticide, detergent, body care, car care, organic fertiliser, etc.

Reduce Pollution
Methane gas released from disposes garbage can trap 21 times more heat than CO2, worsen the global warming condition.

Purify Air
Remove odour. Dissolve toxic air released from smoking, car exhaust, chemical residue from household products, etc.

Purify Underground Water
Enzyme that flow underground will eventually purify the river and sea.

Natural Pesticide
Reduce mosquitoes, flies, rats or cockroaches etc.

Anti-bacterial and Virus
Natural antiseptic for your home.

Prevent Drainage Blockage
Release residues accumulated in the pipe of basins or toilet bowls.

There you are.... the beauty of garbage enzyme. If you planned to use it as mosquito spray, please be advised to dilute it with water. If the solution is too thick, the room will have a very strong 'sourish' smell.

To me, this is the least we can do to lessen the burden on mother nature. The moment we start the fermentation process, we are actually doing some 'greening'! The process will release Ozone gas (O3). Ozone can reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and heavy metal that traps heat in the cloud. Hence, greenhouse effect can be reduced! So, imagine if this process is repeated by thousand or millions of household in 1 country. Then 10 and 100 and 1000 countries!

So, give it a try! Make one today!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beng Hock

Beng Hock, your light will burn brightly.

When I saw the news on TV, where they showed Beng Hock's wife assurance to him that she'll carry their baby and marry him no matter what, my heart felt so painful. I was crying inside as I know how hard it is so say good bye to someone so dear in our life.

To those heartless, cold blooded assholes who made stupid and stinky remarks on his death.... FUCK YOU! I have a few awards for these people/bodies to be forever inducted into my Hall of Scums:

First on my list is the UMNO papers' editors. By now, I think you guys know which papers I'm referring to. No one is playing the race card. No one except you! No one is questioning anything on the Malay. No one is doubting the abilities of the Malay. What we want is justice for a fellow Malaysian that cooperated fully for an investigation and never came home. That's what we want! So, for these well-paid low life amoeba...... FUCK OFF!!

Second on my award list is Zombie of Perak. A cheap politician trying to score a cheap point by hitting a cheap shot at his rival. Critisizing Nizar for holding a candle in a vigil for Beng Hock by trying to potray Nizar as not true Muslim. Huh? What logic is that? Anyway, amoeba can think logically.

Third is for our beloved de-facto Law Minister for suggesting that Beng Hock committed suicide. Oops... once again, the press twisted and/or misquotes and/or took his word out of context. Anyway, cold blooded creatures can't talk straight.

Last but not least... to the Grand Ol' Man of Malaysian Politics. For suggesting that the Chinese is the master of this country, you as such a Maha Racist! You corrupted the country for your own political agenda, breeding croyinsm and nepotism. Now, you wanna be a hero for your superior race and put the blame solely on the Chinese? Go eat your birthday cake and choke!

Beng Hock, rest in peace. I may not know you or anyone in your family but I do share their pain.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garbage Enzyme

This is the formula to start your very own 'Homemade Enzyme'. It's easy (I think) to make and though it may seem and sound disgusting, (fermented fruits ain't sexy) but let's do something for our Mother Earth. The formula I got is courtesy of Just Life Shop.

Ingredient: Sugar (Brown Sugar used in putu mayam type) Ratio 1
Fruit Dregs (skin) Ratio 3
Water Ratio10

Example: 1kg of Sugar + 3kg of fruit dregs + 10litres of water.

You can use vegetables but according to my sister, vegetable enzyme stinks! So, you have been warned!

Here's how to do it:
1. Use an air-tight plastic container. NEVER USE METAL OR GLASS CONTAINER.
2. Dilute sugar in water, follow by adding fruit dregs.
3. Leave some space in the container for fermentation.
4. Close it tight.
5. During the 1st month, gases will be released during fermentation process. Release the pressure built up in the container to avoid rupturing.
6. Push the floating garbage downward every once in a while.
7. Place at cool, dry and well ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight. Let ferment at for least 3 months before use.

There you have it! It may sound disgusting and not very pleasant to smell but it's very useful! I've tried it as insect repellent and it works! Now we spray our rooms with enzyme before we go to bed and no mosquitoes ever kacau our sleep.

Try to make a few litres. Give it to friends and families. Let's do something that can cut down on the use of household chemicals.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Influenza A (H1N1)

H1N1... we can defeat you!

By now, I don't think anyone old enough to read or turn on the idiot box or radio would not know what the hell is H1N1. It has caught us off guard and spread like wildfire. I think basically the Health Ministry has conceded defeat and now urged the public to self monitor rather than rely too much on the government; which I think is the right thing to do. If we don't start to take care of ourselves, then who will? Just asking the Government to do all the job is unfair and it puts a lot of stress on the medical facilities.

I personally think our Government is actually doing 'too much' on this matter. I know, you might screw me but I do think over-reacting to this pandemic is causing more harm than good. Yes, the virus can spread easily but on the bright side, mortality rate is extremely low. What needs to be done is for the public to be educated, self monitor and SEEK medical attention IMMEDIATELY if even simple symptoms of flu and fever is suspected. Never be a hero....... hero die young!

What angers me today is the attitude of some very very kiasu, kiasi parents! Read here for more details. It is totally uncalled for! Asking the affected parents to issue a public apology? How stupid and selfish is that? Maybe they thought it's fun for the parents to have their children infected and have to suffer; not only physically but also mentally. Just imagine how tough it is for the children to go back to their class and don't be surprised if their friends' parents asked their children not to go near them. The stigma they will suffer will surely put a lot of mental stress in these young kids.

So for those parents who demanded apologies, go screw yourselves. Be ashamed of your stupidity and please never repeat such a moronic act again. You are setting a very bad example to your own children.

To those parents and children affected, be strong and get well soon! The H1N1 needs to do better to break us......

You'll Never Walk Alone!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trip to Mauritius

The sunset view from my room

Last week, on the 3rd of Jun, I had the chance to travel to Mauritius for a short meeting with some Indian travel agents. The trip itself is short, just 3 days but the journey was a long one.

I travel with Eddie, and we book our flight from KLIA to Mauritius via Singapore. In total, the journey is about 9 hours; including a very short transit in Changi.

We landed in Mauritius around 4pm local time. They are 4 hours behind us, so you can imagine the time difference created havoc with our system. We practically had our lunch around 5pm (M'sian time) and dinner starts around 1am!

Mauritius is a very small island in the Indian Ocean, near to Madagascar. It's not quite developed and apart from the capital Port Louis, practically there are no high buildings. Even the capitol has no skyscraper, just a few buildings that's more than 30 storey high. From what I understand, the Mauritian are quite lazy. They work until 4 ~ 4:30pm and then go home and do nothing. In my short stay, I couldn't even find a place that sells souvenirs!

It was said that Mauritius will come alive during the weekends only......

Well, what did we do then? For a start, upon our arrival, we rushed to the safari park. Name only la! What safari when there's only a few lions and a few cheetahs.... in cages! I was hugely disappointed. Saw some ducks and a lone tiger. That's all! Then back to hotel to freshen up and dinner with the agents.

The second day was totally pointless. Eddie and the Indian agents had a meeting with the Mauritius Tourism Board and Mauritius Air when me and 2 other guys went loitering at the Waterfront shopping mall. Nothing to shop since we can get those stuffs here and much more cheaper. The meeting according to Eddie it pointless too!

3rd day is the most hectic, when we did hotel inspections. The hotels were very classy and nice and when you combine good hotels with nice ocean views, it makes a very good honeymoon destination. The food at the hotels are good too.

All in all, it was a tiring trip. We met with our Indian partners, talked about our business and then head straight back. Long trip but worth while.

Hope this trip can bring in business... soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Live Apartheid!

This is the logo of a racist council

Long Live Apartheid...... well, not in South Africa, my friend. It was long dead and history. I was talking about apartheid in Malaysia! Yes, you read it right..... MALAYSIA!

I was so damn fucking shocked and sadden when I read the report on the online news portal Malaysian Insider that carried this story. Click here for full story.

We're living in the 21st century and after the political tsunami on 308, I've always thought that people should have wise up and at least could tone down the racial slurs. But hell NO! Another donkey by the name Dr Ahmad Zaki (I've no idea what kinda doc is he) opens his mouth and spewed shit all over the place. Felt sad to see a learned (he's a doc; he should have at least graduated from primary school) man making this statement.

Already there are people starting a online petition calling for the vernacular schools to be abolished. The reason? Well, these schools are the cause for national disunity and apparently, these schools hampers the PM effort to realise his dream of 1Malaysia! I'd say these are again racist statement and are nothing but rubbish! Abolish all unfair policies, and maybe the people will support; otherwise, it's all talk cock by brainless dickheads!

So, I'm hoping to see what the Police will do to this doctor. Aren't these rubbish seditious? They're lightning quick to arrest lawyers and candlelight vigils. They're super efficient in raiding opposition office and stopping hunger strikes. Maybe we can see the same applies here.... maybe ISA too for Dr Ahmad's own safety.

Bottom line is, the people of Malaysia is generally sick and tired of racial slurs spewed by a bunch of educated dickheads. It's time for the nation to move on for a common good. No one is 2nd class here and we must be equal!